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Most of your sins are not sins at all. A few perhaps are mistakes, but not sins. In my way of life, the word "sin" does not exist. You will be surprised to know that the original root from where the word "sin" comes, means forgetfulness. That's great, that's what it should mean. You were not aware, you forgot, you committed a mistake.

The idea of sin is invented by the priests to suppress you, subjugate you, humiliate you, destroy your dignity. But forgetfulness is understandable. You can do something without being aware of what you are doing; later on you become alert that you have done something wrong. Then the best way is not to go to the priest, but to go to the person to whom you have done the wrong. What business has the priest in it? And what business has God in it? The person whom you have harmed in any way -- you should go to him, to ask his forgiveness. That will be beautiful, and that will bring people together.


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