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In a development that is certain to disappoint Christian Fundamentalists who have been hoping for vindication of their 2000-year-old assertion that Christianity is the only path to salvation, it appears that the long-awaited "Last Judgment Day" has been called off. A spokesman for God explained that the whole concept was a misunderstanding that grew out of an ancient public relations campaign begun by Christian priests approximately 1700 years ago.

"These guys were desperate to get followers back in those early days," said the spokesman. "They were putting words in the mouth of Jesus, misinterpreting what he said, and promising anything and everything to get people on board the Christian bandwagon. Frankly, God is surprised that in this modern, scientific age there are still people who believe in such ancient propaganda." The spokesman said that even with DNA testing, the task of determining who among the billions who have died during the past two millennia were Christians, and matching the results with computer records of their actual behavior in life, would be too complex and time-consuming, even for the Almighty.

In-Depth Analysis:
"Merry-go-round or Sorry-go-round?"

There is no hell, and there is no God to decide whether you are right or wrong.

If you are right, your life will be a life of joy; if you are wrong, your life will be a life of misery.

There is no need for any God. Each act is decisive, intrinsically.

So you can feel your way: if you are moving rightly, your life will go on growing more and more flowers, will go on growing bigger and bigger wings. Your reach towards the stars will become easier.

And if you are doing something wrong, your very nature will say it is wrong because you will be suffering the consequences of your wrong acts here and now. You will not have to wait for the last judgment day.

What a stupid kind of hypothesis, "the last judgment day" -- one day everybody will be awakened from his grave. Just visualize what will happen: all skeletons, and there is going to be such a crowd. At the place where you are sitting there are at least ten skeletons underneath you. When all the skeletons stand up there is not going to be elbow room, and there is going to be such shrieking, shouting, moaning. Even for poor God, it is going to be very difficult to recognize who is who -- because there will only be skeletons.

Then to judge who is going to heaven and who is going to hell ... and do you think in just one day? Each person has millions of acts, good and bad, which have to be balanced, and there is only one God -- and not very intelligent either.

Perhaps that's why the last judgment day has not happened and is not going to happen. Because Jesus used to say to his disciples, "Soon, in your life, you will see the last judgment day happen" -- in his disciples' lives. That means, at the most, seventy years.

Two thousand years have passed, and as the days go by the skeletons go on growing.

I think God has changed his mind.

Judgment is not possible anymore.

As far as I am concerned each act brings its own judgment, and that is more scientific. Why go on collecting acts for a certain day and then deciding? And why decide from outside when there is a possibility to decide from inside?

Each act has its intrinsic consequence. You can figure it out: if your life is miserable then you are doing something wrong; and if your life is a merry-go-round then you are doing everything else that should be done perfectly. So it is up to you whether you make your life a merry-go-round or a sorry-go-round; there is nobody to decide it. You are the act and you are the judge. And this seems to be more scientific, simple.

Just find out what it is that is making your life blissful, peaceful, silent, happy -- simple arithmetic -- and your life can become a holy life. According to me, if you are living joyously, you are a holy man.

Only one thing you have to do: die to the past so that you can be reborn in a fresh present and a free future.


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