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The US House of Representatives voted by 248-180 on June 17th to allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in schools and other government buildings.

The amendment, according to the Alabama Representative who sponsored it, was a first step toward reinstilling the value of human life in children influenced by violent culture. "I understand that simply posting the Ten Commandments will not instantly change the moral character of our nation," he said. "However, it is an important step to promote morality, and an end of children killing children."

Spiritually Incorrect News Services (SINS) has meantime learned of a significant discovery at the base of Mount Sanai. Archeologists believe they have found remnants of an ancient diary written by one of the followers of Moses. Scholars who have been piecing together fragments of the diary have released an excerpt that sheds startling new light on the legendary event of Moses' encounter with God. The excerpt says:

A large crowd had been waiting quietly at the foot of a mountain. Moses had been gone for hours. Suddenly his white robe was seen fluttering in the breeze, and now the lawgiver stood before his flock: "People of Israel! I have been with the Lord for seven hours and I now have some good news, and some bad news...."
"Speak, O Moses!" shouted the crowd.
"The good news," says Moses, "is that I have managed to bring the number of commandments down to ten!"
The people cheered. Then they cried, "Moses, what is the bad news?"
Moses sadly replied, "Adultery is still in." Osho


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Ten Non-Commandments for the 21st Century
Conscience and Consciousness

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