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Advice to the New Clergy: Change is Great -- BUT...

It may be the Christian Fundamentalists who are grabbing most of the headlines as the deeper stirrings of soul are triggered by the ticking of the Millennium clock... but there are reformers in the "body of Christ" as well, who have been quietly working to make the church relevant to a younger generation raised on science and not superstition.

But as any fan of change knows, the transitions from the old to the new don't always go as smoothly as one might like. Spiritually Incorrect News Service has recently received a copy of a newly-published handbook for divinity students, which focuses on the use of contemporary language to spread the message that Christianity is alive and well. The following excerpt, made public here for the first time, warns students against going overboard in their attempts to come across to their congregations as "cool":
a) David slew Goliath, he did not "kick the shit out of him."
b) We do not refer to our savior Jesus Christ and his disciples as "J.C. and the boys."
c) We do not refer to the cross as "the Big T."
d) The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are not to be called "Big Daddy, Junior and the Spook."
e) Last but certainly not least, it is the Virgin Mary, not "Mary with the cherry."


The "New" Christianity - Resurrection or Old Habit?

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